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I am Bob, you are Bob

My philosophy on What, How and Why.

Bob's is an ideal, it is a way of thinking, a way of living. My name is Bob, but in no way to hold any sort of exclusive to the life I want and hope to inspire others to live. It is available to all of us. I am Bob, you can be Bob too.
There is no greater compliment than to be someone's source of inspiration. I was floored the first time someone told me that I had inspired them. My thoughts were, "Are you kidding? Do you not know who I am? Who am I to be able to inspire anyone?" It was humbling to say the least.
At Bob's, we make pizza and ice cream - Great pizza and ice cream. Good is the enemy of Great. I refuse to accept Good. When you allow Good to prevail, then Great is exiled to some far away place, never to return. The two can not co-exist.
That is our WHAT.
We use professional equipment and techniques to accomplish our what. My wood fired oven was cast in Italy and imported. I along with several buddies built it near where it currently rests. My ice cream machine is the most expensive piece of equipment I own. I call it, "my new truck", because that's how much it cost. The manufacturer claims a 45 year average life on their equipment. AVERAGE, meaning that some are even older (it's a 110 year old company). You have to have quality equipment if you are going to put out a quality product.
This brings me to the most important part, The Why. It's you. I do what I do because I love serving you. Presently it's just pizza and ice cream, in the future, who knows? As long as it is as wonderful in the future as it is now, the What doesn't matter. My connection with my community is what drives me. It's what makes me want to be the best around.
I love my job. There are nights when I go home that I wish it was not time to sleep. I wish it was time to go to the pizza shop again. One of the nicest compliments I have gotten was on Facebook. "When we come to Bob's, we feel like we are coming into his home to eat." 
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