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Christy and I were honored last week to be, once again, invited to the North GA banquet for the Best of the Best. It was a thrill to be among, what you consider to be the very best businesses in North GA.

Whether I and the rest of the 600 or so people who were there, like it or not, we are the leaders in our communities. I hope I act like one in your presence, it is certainly my goal to always do so. You see, I believe something:

I believe I can change my community.

I understand the difficulties of such a goal. I realize that there are many negative influences. I understand there is evil and there is a physical and spiritual darkness all around us. But, I will be that Light on the Hill. I will shine, because that is what you expect me to do. It is what you expect my staff to continue doing, even when I am not around. I will be a positive influence on all that I can. I will encourage others. I will uplift and enthusiastically help them to understand that they are better than they believe themselves to be. That their potential is limited only by how big they can dream. That I believe in them.

Why? Because that's what you would do if you were in my place.

We have a busy week planned this week, so it's nearly time to get back down to the work you so graciously allow us to do. But these past few days, we have proudly yet humbly been polishing the shiny new crown you have given us. It's a pat on the back, a shot in the arm that says, "You're doing the right thing, we like you." I do not take this honor lightly, but I understand that it is a milestone, a point on my timeline. Not for a second do I believe that I have arrived at any destination. We will continue to work hard to earn your business, your loyalty and your respect.

Thank you for this great honor.

I believe.

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