Since 2013, Bob's has supported our local schools with pizza and resources. 

Each week, we choose a school and feed the teachers and staff. It is
always fun and rewarding.

For our "School of the Week", we send lunch time pizza for the
teachers and staff of a school, then donate a percentage of the day's
sales back to the school. It is an additional way that we can express
our appreciation for the monumental tasks these professionals face
daily. We also offer them a free pie on a set day if they will drop
by the pizza shop. The last couple of years has given me a good
overview of how this should and should not work. Some schools have
eagerly participated with us and understood the nature of what we are
attempting to do - honor their staff with the small gesture of a
meal. My goal moving forward is to participate with and encourage all
our Walker County Schools and be an active participant in their

My wife, Christy, has been a teacher for all of our marriage - 25 years. 

I see what she does everyday. Night after night. Weekend after
weekend. She works at the school until 5:00 or so, then at her desk
at home until 10:30, sometimes later. The next morning, she is up at
5:00 am to start all over again. Her weekends have nearly the same
schedule. I can easily imagine this being repeated, time after time,
school after school and teacher after teacher.

It is a Spiritual Passion and it drives her and other teachers like her
towards excellence. Good is easier to achieve than Great and that
makes Good the enemy of Great. Once you accept Good, then Great is no
longer an option. I have been fortunate to know many Great teachers
over the 2 ½ decades that I have been married to education.

Great Leaders observe the strengths of their Passionate People, then get
out of the way and let them shine. School administrators are not only
tasked with the formidable task of living up to the standards set by
those above them (county, state, federal – not to mention the
community), they must also manage 50 – 150 people, depending on the

I believe in our school administrators and teachers.

With that in mind, I want to support, encourage and honor those who
approach life as I do. For the 2015/2016 school year, rather than
donating a percentage of the daily sales to the School of the Week,
we will donate to one school only:


Walker County Schools Central Office and I have developed the criteria that
will be used to determine the winning school and compares last school
year's results with the 2015/2016 school year. It includes:

A letter from the school stating how they would use the award to
improve their community, their school and to encourage their students
to be involved in their community

Teacher Attendance throughout the school year

Percentage of students meeting growth expected in Math

Percentage of students meeting growth expected in Science

Percentage of students meeting growth expected in Social Studies

Percentage of students meeting growth expected in English/Language Arts

Percentage of students at or above grade level in Reading and Writing

Placement of students in the Young Author's Fair

Placement of students in the County Science Fair

A school's community and staff's support for the School of the Week
(coming and eating pizza helps your child's school), will count as

These categories will be weighted differently, but will all count towards
each school's final score. This has been designed with fairness in
mind. Each of Walker County's schools should be able to participate
on a level playing field as most categories measure the PERCENTAGE OF
IMPROVEMENT from year to year.

Parent and community involvement with their child's school and school work
is critical to its success. This is my way of participating in and
encouraging that success.

Thank You. We are able to be a part of the larger community only because of
your loyalty to us. We exist only because you allow us to.

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